California Quail

So I looked out the front porch and saw about a dozen of these California Quail. It has been great becoming more familiar with new birds, plants, and animals that I have never seen before. Female California Quail Advertisements

Brown Pelican

Gibraltar Road – Santa Barbara, CA

In my attempts to adjust to a new location, I have explored local bike routes.  I usually don’t descend down to wharf, but rather start at Westmont College and climb a short distance up to Mountain Drive and then up El Cielito to Gibraltar.  But this last time I wanted the whole experience from sea … Continue reading

If you don’t have this fly…………

A few years back I was in Gander Mountain buying some tying materials, I stopped to look at some of the pre-made fly’s they had. while I was looking a guy walked up to pick out some fly’s, he asked me where I fished, I told him that I mostly fished the oatka. He said … Continue reading

ADK’s in March


Great Outdoors – Man Tripping

Man Trip. Where we head off to some foreign land (THE ADIRONDACKS), go and beat our chests, eat meat (A LOT), wrestle wild animals (DON’T THINK WE SAW ANY), build fires (THESE WERE NICE), and plan to do things that kick our butt (THIS HAPPENED MORE THAN ONCE)! This trip took us back up to … Continue reading

Man Trip 2011

Man trip 2011 was amazing the food the weather the company, we were blessed! I appear to have gotten some pictures out of order. the picture on the right is the turn off for the trail to Colvin from the road, or as we later found out it was the first turn off. It was … Continue reading

March Midges

Hook: #16 Bead: Tungsten Body: Red Ultra Wire (extra small) Thorax: Peacock Herl Hook: #18 Under Body: Danville’s Red Thread Body: Stretch Magic .5mm Head: Black Uni-Thread Hook: #18 Under Body: UTC G.S.P. White Rib: Red Ultra Wire (extra small) Head: Black Uni-Thread Hook: #18 Body: Red Ultra Wire, Green Ultra Wired Thorax: Peacock Herl … Continue reading

February’s Finest

Parachute Midge Adult Hook: #18 Thread: Uni-Thread Rusty Dun 8/0 Body: Uni-Thread Rusty Dun 8/0 Rib: Ultra Wire Silver Wing: White Antron Hackle: Grizzly Netspinner Larva Hook: #14 Thread: Uni-Thread Rusty Dun 8/0 Body: Green Antron Dubbing Rib: Ultra Wire Copper Shuck: Wood Duck Casing: Turkey Fibers Usual Hook: #16 Thread: Uni-Thread Rusty Dun 8/0 Tail: Medium … Continue reading