If you don’t have this fly…………

A few years back I was in Gander Mountain buying some tying materials, I stopped to look at some of the pre-made fly’s they had. while I was looking a guy walked up to pick out some fly’s, he asked me where I fished, I told him that I mostly fished the oatka. He said … Continue reading

Man Trip 2011

Man trip 2011 was amazing the food the weather the company, we were blessed! I appear to have gotten some pictures out of order. the picture on the right is the turn off for the trail to Colvin from the road, or as we later found out it was the first turn off. It was … Continue reading

The question is….will they catch fish

this fly may not be pretty but I bet it will catch fish. alright maybe not on Spring Creek but on Oatka without a doubt. now this will catch fish. I love this fly.

Who knew

I was over at spring creek this morning taking some pictures, it made me want to fish. after I went over to the fish hatchery to see what I could see. I walked up the stream behind the hatchery and found out something I had not known before, there is quite a stretch of stream … Continue reading

Some Spring Creek History

An article from the New York Times. Caledonia Creek

First Morning at Oatka

nice crisp morning a huge fish (you should see the size of the hand) another look at the only fish of the day I had to get to work but just as I was heading out the fish started rising all around me, as they say timing is everything.

some more spring creek adventure pic’s

Finally fishing

I caught two about the same size on Irondiquoit creek in about 15 minutes using a pheasant tail emerger.

Time Fly’s

Here are some very nice flies by Justin. What fish wouldn’t eat these? Some of Mike’s flies. Don’t they look tasty? A wise man once said,   “I don’t know exactly what fly fishing teaches us, but I think it’s something we need to know.”

believe it or not.

I am just trying to add some drama to an otherwise boring post.  the deer is mine, the lion was too tired to chase it down With just three days left in gun season I decided to take a walk thru the woods behind my house. There was no sign of deer, so I headed … Continue reading