Gibraltar Road – Santa Barbara, CA

A view from the bottom.

In my attempts to adjust to a new location, I have explored local bike routes.  I usually don’t descend down to wharf, but rather start at Westmont College and climb a short distance up to Mountain Drive and then up El Cielito to Gibraltar.  But this last time I wanted the whole experience from sea to summit!

Start with this:

Be sure to use the Flyover feature.  Its a blast.  Stop the flyover at any point and have a look around.

A view from the wharf

Along the way to Gibraltar

The Mission

Time to start climbing...

A nice sign, watch out.

Some new home construction since the fire.

What's behind the fence?

The beginning of an amazing view

Still climbing.

Tight turn.

Even tighter.

Don't fall into them.

or this...

No shooting. A good idea.

Not very welcoming?

Gibraltar Rocks

A rock climbing route.

On the way up.


Deteriorating road...

A view to the east, Los Padres National Forest.

Gibraltar Reservoir

End - La Cumbre Peak

A long way down.

The Channel Islands, high in the sky.

A view to the north.

Can you find the wharf?

2 Responses to “Gibraltar Road – Santa Barbara, CA”
  1. mike says:

    nice view, that looks like a great ride maybe craig and I will have to come out and do our next bike trip out there.

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