If you don’t have this fly…………

A few years back I was in Gander Mountain buying some tying materials, I stopped to look at some of the pre-made fly’s they had. while I was looking a guy walked up to pick out some fly’s, he asked me where I fished, I told him that I mostly fished the oatka. He said “you need this fly” and he picked out a red midge with a little muskrat fur on the back. I decided to try one. and my life has never been the same since. OK. that may be a slight exaggeration but not much. if you ask Justin and Andy they would say that some days that is the only fly I will use the whole time I fish. It has been a very productive fly for me. My theory is, if it works use it.

Some other midges I have tied lately.

2 Responses to “If you don’t have this fly…………”
  1. survivormen says:


  2. Justin says:

    It’s true. You do swear by that fly! Good on ya for tying!

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