Great Outdoors – Man Tripping

Man Trip. Where we head off to some foreign land (THE ADIRONDACKS), go and beat our chests, eat meat (A LOT), wrestle wild animals (DON’T THINK WE SAW ANY), build fires (THESE WERE NICE), and plan to do things that kick our butt (THIS HAPPENED MORE THAN ONCE)! This trip took us back up to our collective favorite spot. The Hi-Peak Region of The ADKS. Being hesitant about the weather and conditions we made plans to start at Colvin(4057′), summit it, then over to the summit of Blake(3960′), then back over Colvin(4057′) and possibly Nippletop and Dial. Well we had another GORGEOUS day. HI 30’s Low 40’s, and barely a cloud in the sky! The trails were packed nicely as long as you statyed on them. 8 inches to the left or right and your trekking pole or leg would disappear into 3-4ft of snow. The nice weather did play a part in our demise as the snow on the backside of Colvin tuned to a snow cone consistency and not snowshoe or crampon could grip. Needless to say we did a portion of this on our bummers. It was a phenomenal weekend as it always is with these gentlemen and scholars. Can hardly wait for the next one!

Visit my photography blog for more pics.


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