Man Trip 2011

Man trip 2011 was amazing the food the weather the company, we were blessed!

The Castle

Is that old man winter

I appear to have gotten some pictures out of order. the picture on the right is the turn off for the trail to Colvin from the road, or as we later found out it was the first turn off. It was a very scenic trial but probably not the quickest, maybe that was because of all the photo stops. Well worth it.

A big thank you to Grimm Farms for the great steaks

the trees

Ready to start

Heading up the trail to Colvin

Blue Sky and Deep Snow

The view from the top of Colvin

Another view from the top of Colvin

This next picture is a view of Giant from the golf course, I got to take the picture because I turned around at the summit of Colvin and hiked back to the car while the rest of the intrepid explorers went on to climb Blake….. o.k. I will tell you why, my Achilles which has been bothering me off and on for over a year started giving me some pain on the steeper parts so rather than tempt fate I turned back, the mountain had won. and that’s all I have to say about that. the hike out was uneventful but I did get to help a hiker who needed a ride to another parking lot down in Keene Valley. all in all a great trip!


One Response to “Man Trip 2011”
  1. marla says:

    love that pic of the signs in the deep snow. so…with all these photogs in the group, who was in the back most often?? my guess is j…

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