March Midges

Bead Brassie (Red)

Hook: #16

Bead: Tungsten

Body: Red Ultra Wire (extra small)

Thorax: Peacock Herl

Midge Larva (red)

Hook: #18

Under Body: Danville’s Red Thread

Body: Stretch Magic .5mm

Head: Black Uni-Thread

Miracle Midge

Hook: #18

Under Body: UTC G.S.P. White

Rib: Red Ultra Wire (extra small)

Head: Black Uni-Thread

Iron and Wine

Hook: #18

Body: Red Ultra Wire, Green Ultra Wired

Thorax: Peacock Herl

Head: Red Bead

Emerging Zebra Midge

Hook: #16

Bead: Brown

Body: Peacock Quill

Wing: Wood Duck Fibers

Thorax: Gray Dubbing


Hook: #18

Tail: Mallard Dyed Wood Duck

Body: Brown Uni-Thread

Wing Case: Wood Duck Fibers

Head: Brown Super Fine Dubbing


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