Crafting of Sorts

I always think it’s great when the outlaws can manage to get together to tie. It usually means SOMEONE has to come home from Beaver Falls. Nonetheless it’s a bit of chore to manage most of our gear to the tying point.
Mike and I have had tying tables/desks for a couple years. We were motivated early on to make ours before we really knew what we needed. After a few of our get togethers, i knew andy needed one and since then I had the opportunity to make it. (Had his name last Christmas) I was very happy with how it turned out and now have had a bit of an itch to revamp/rebuild mine. I want to develop it to have drawers and cut down on having to carry so many extra containers. Currently working on those plans but for now I thought I’d share the last build. If you’re interested in one of these desks drop me a message.

One Response to “Crafting of Sorts”
  1. Andy says:

    Wow. Looks strangely familiar. Thanks again for the table you built for me. You will be happy with yours.

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