Neshannock Revisited…

I have a new respect for Neshannock. Our man trip to State College has helped me to stretch my skills. I am becoming more aware of the value of prime areas to fish, even though you may have no indicators of fish being present. As a result of this new perspective, I have begun to believe in my heart that there are fish everywhere. Well…something like that. With that said, I have begun to explore the 2.6 miles of remote stream in between the two easily accessible access points. I had previously believed that fish were sparse. No longer.


One thing about Neshannock is that the stream is diverse in many ways.




O yeah, some of those fish are trout.


When in doubt, put an ant on… After things started to slow down, I tied on my favorite #16 CDC ant pattern, that had stuck out all season (who knows). The first cast, 14-16” lunker class rainbow. The second cast, 14-16” lunker class brown. EPIC!


3 Responses to “Neshannock Revisited…”
  1. cashmerejm says:

    Dude! Killer! I need to come visit!

  2. survivormen says:

    I love the variety.


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