Team Killbear is Born!

WOW! That word can sum up the most recent amazing adventure i partook in. (Theres a word i don’t use often) While sipping over some coffee back in the Fall of ‘08 Jeremy and I thought how great it would be to take a Man Trip. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife more than life, but knew it would be a great trip. You really couldn’t have lined up a better crew. At Christmas we got more of the guys excited about the possibilities and began narrowing down dates and mountains. The trip went off without a hitch! We were blessed with some of the best conditions possible in the ADKS in March, which can lend itself to be a bit unpredictable. We left Friday morning after a stop at Brueggers Bagels. MMM Made it up to Keene Valley around 2 – 3, unpacked and did a small hike up to a castle, which turns out to have been built for the local drunks to be housed in. After the hike we head back to camp where I build and outside fire (after Doung shovels a foot of snow out of the pit) and Jer builds and inside fire. (Our cabin had a wood burning stove, don’t get crazy) We enjoy the fire, talk photography & outdoors, and enjoyed some delicious steak, beans, and rice. We were roughin’ it. Dark sets in and we head to bed only its 91º inside our cabin. Hm That’s to hot for summer much less inside a cabin where i need to sleep. Jer proved his manhood. I guess. Woke the next morning to prepare bfast (Bacon & Eggs & Camp Coffee) before heading to the base of Big Slide. Unbelievable day. I used that word so many times that day. Unbelievable views. Unbelievable weather. Unbelievable crew. Had an amazing hike (8 miles total) with lots of falling and possible chipped bones. Headed to Lake Placid afterward to grab some Green Mountain Coffee to bring home and eat at the Lake Placid Bar & Grill. Another warm night back at base. Left around 8:30am Sunday morn. It wasn’t until this time in the car that we had the great revelation, “Team Killbear”. It is born. It will continue. Everyone was sore, but pumped, and couldn’t get rid of the buzz thinking about next year’s trip (possibly this fall). So, I have a little while to design shirts, logos, hats, belts, sweat bands, & fanny packs with the Killbear Logo on it. I’m picturing a buck with a bear in it’s mouth. What’d you guys think. Cheers

Click the image for more from the trip.


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