Fish & Kiwi

So I must start by saying that Fly Fishing in NZ was unable to be topped. I wished so much that the crew was there with me. I’ve never seen streams so clear and so blue. 6ft of water looked like 1 ft of water. There was lots of searching for fish and lots of streams that went unsearched! There were streams everywhere. Needless to say I had the car on the side of the road quite a bit. The fishing didn’t really begin until we made it to the South Island. I had wished I would’ve done more research (I thought i had done enough) about smaller streams with fish. Twice we ended up staying by World Class Fly Fishing streams that jsut happen to be 50 yards wide. I didn’t have waders so as you would expect I was quite frustrated. I was able to get into some smaller Rainbows in Twizel, but the size left more to be desired. (I have seen what the NZ water holds!) One day i’m fishing near Te Anau and there is a big Caddis hatch. I got pumped and began throwing a Royal Wulf. First cast I had a honker come up and grab it! I fought him for 15 seconds only to be popped off. 20 minutes later I see another honker facing away from me, knowing I only have one cast, the cast couldn’t have been more perfect. He takes the Wulf, and pops me off. I learn that it’s very tricky to land such big aggressive fish on 5x tippet. This was a very frustrating day and I was ready to toss the equipment. Went out a few more times in other areas, great times!  Then we jump to the last day. We stay at a farm near Oamaru. I learn of some amazing trout in a nearby stream. You can beleive that I’m in it ASAP. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Small, Crystal Clear, & holding some Large Trout. After some time of ducking and crawling and being seen I finally got the chance I wanted. Here is my prize caught on a size 14 Pheasant Tail.



Needless to say, I am ready to go back. I am ready to take you guys with me. I can’t wait for Spring! Til next time.
(Here are a few other shots from the NZ outdoors)


And for more shots from the trip ….


3 Responses to “Fish & Kiwi”
  1. marla says:

    snazzy pictures.

  2. Manda says:

    beards getting a bit scraggly mate!

  3. Dejon says:

    Just stumbled upon this great little blog. Nice pics and great to the point writing. I like the minimalistic blog setup too. Very nice. I’m going to add this to my link list. Stop by the forum sometime.

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