Winter wading

The day started at 5:30 after 2 1/2 hours of sleep. Was a very crisp morning, about 22 and snowy. My bed seemed warmer than normal. We went to Oatka Creek in Scottsville. This was my first time this far down the Oatka. The morning was beautiful!! We began suiting up in the parking lot where I realized I had a an extra pair of wool socks. I was pumped! That would make three pair for me. Can’t keep the toes warm enough. I go to put my foot in the waders, and for a split second I remembered, “you left these outside to dry, and it rained!”. Wasn’t fast enough. Next thing I know my right foot, 3 sock strong, is in 2 inches of water!! What a great start. I knew this would do me in. After wringing out my socks I finished dressing. We went on to have a great morning of fishing. Got into a great run and ended up with 9 great little browns. Nothing like the honkers I’d been catching but size doesn’t matter to me. It just a great time being our there with friends, today with Rand, and enjoying the outdoors. I love the little guys we pull out of Oatka and Spring creek. We are blessed! Til next time.


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