Algonquin Provincial Park

On August 9th, 2008 my brothers and I ventured out into virtually uncharted Canadian wilderness to return to our natural habitat.  In our quest to find solitude, our bodies endured excruciating pain as muscles swelled and sinews splintered.  In the end we did not find our birthplace.  Nor did we hog-tie a bull moose or strangle the elusive timber wolf.  No, no we did not.  But this expedition caused something deep inside to grow.  We became men.  Here is our story…


[A nice Algonquin vista]

[One of our mile + portages…great fun]

[Not a good place to hang one’s bear pack]

[Busting through the occasional beaver dam]


[Lots of bog…no moose?!!]

[Running the rapids]

[Catching some afternoon sun]

[This is a sunset]

[This is a sunrise]


One Response to “Algonquin Provincial Park”
  1. Justin says:

    We need to do this together next time!!!

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