A Good Day

Today I fished below the falls at Oatka. The morning started off slow, got there around 8:30 – 8:45 an first started throwing the new patterns. Got 1 on a zebra midge. Started noticing the occasional caddis in the air and noticed they were taking something off the top. Caught the 2nd on a caddis pupa. Felt like i was on to something, so i kept throwing the pupa but and missed a couple. So I tried a Pheasant Tail emerger to no avail but felt like they were taking something that was emerging. Good thing i remembered the caddis emergers i had tied. BINGO! 24 Fish later i knew i had figured it out. partly cloudy, chilly, waters clear. Heres the biggest one of the morning. Twas a good day.


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