believe it or not.


I am just trying to add some drama to an otherwise boring post.  the deer is mine, the lion was too tired to chase it down


With just three days left in gun season I decided to take a walk thru the woods behind my house. There was no sign of deer, so I headed back home. I was almost back to the house when 3 deer came running out of a hedgerow. they had probably heard of my sad performance in the past at shooting running deer, but as the saying goes “even a blind chicken gets a kernal once in a while.”    (my garage is not usually this clean)


Ground up and ready to Package.

3 Responses to “believe it or not.”
  1. Justin says:

    Haha. It took me a second on the lion. I couldn’t think of any new lion sightings in bergen. Where’s my package?

  2. LSP says:

    looks like a great site
    have fun
    I’m ready to start surviwomen

  3. richfletch says:

    Nice collar.

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