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    Welcome friends to the blog that flaunts the fun adventures of 3 brothers-in-law. You will find hikes through the Hi Peaks of the Adirondacks, treks through the many trails of the northeast, trout stories from our local streams, and many of the other amazing outdoor offerings. Follow us as we find new and exciting areas to fish, hike, and explore!

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California Golden Trout

This past weekend we were fortunate to have the opportunity to venture out into the Golden Trout Wilderness in the Eastern Sierras.  At 11,500 ft I was able to land some of the most colorful fish I have ever caught.  The California Golden Trout are a species of concern as this native species is threatened … Continue reading

Joshua Tree



Lyndsay and I have enjoyed living within a 7 hour drive to many wonderful places.  Driving 5-6 hrs after work on a Friday up to the ADK’s for a 15-20 mile hike/day, all to turn around come Sunday afternoon, conditioned us well.  Mother nature got mad and thwarted us from using our back country permit … Continue reading

John Muir Wilderness

So I have been in a trout drought for quite some time now…This past weekend I had an opportunity to backpack in the John Muir Wilderness and Kings Canyon National Park. It does a body good to catch a trout. Something about fly fishing at 10,000 + feet that makes everything OK. Here are some … Continue reading

To the Sea – Tide Pools – #1

Lately, we have enjoyed exploring the world under the sea.  Low tide = tide pooling Starfish Tiny Starfish Purple Sea Urchin Western Spiny Brittle Starfish Scuplin California Sea Hare Dungeness Crab

California Tree Frog

Another backyard friend – California Tree Frog Nocturnal. Takes shelter in shaded rock crevices or small depressions on boulders near water during the day. Eats insects, spiders, centipedes and other invertebrates. Typically found around canyon streams and rocky washes with permanent quiet pools. Found in desert streams and palm oases, coastal streams, and up into the mountain … Continue reading

Coast Horned Lizard

A backyard friend – Coast Horned Lizard 5” Body Flat; brown, gray, or sandy; crown of heavy spines on nape; rows of thick spines on back and sides; tail short, spiny.  Eats ants. If captured, will inflate itself, bite, hiss, and spray blood from eye corners.

Lizard King

Last weekend we took a hike into the Los Padres National Forest for the night.  Along the way we ran into this guy on the path.  Pretty scary. Southern Alligator Lizard: 14”, eyes yellow, seizes small animals under objects and in bushes, can hold onto branch with tail

Matilija Dam

The Matilija Dam is a local dam that has been largely obsolete and useless.  It is a man-made barrier for the now endangered Southern Steelhead Trout that would naturally migrate up the stream from the Pacific.  The construction of this dam and its impact on the environment should cause us to pause and consider the … Continue reading

Save Our Steelhead – S.O.S

As I have ventured out to local waters I have come across these now familiar signs. Fly-fishing in California’s coastal streams are off-limits in attempts to assist the Steelhead with recovery. As population increases in Southern California many of the once vibrant coastal fisheries are depleting and absent of trout. http://caltrout.org/regions/southern-california-region/ http://caltrout.org/pdf/SoS-Californias-Native-Fish-Crisis.pdf